Being in the ministry for several years and dealing with the many issues of life, there have been  occasions when  parents  came to us to deal with an out of control teenager. Sad to say not all had a good out come. In many cases these tragedies could have been avoided if those parents could have MODLED what they wanted their child to be. ( I Timothy 4;12 " thou an example"  Philippians 4:9  "Those things which ye have ... seen in me, do")

If you want your child to grow up and respect the things of God, you must always speak positively about the journey God places you in. When you bring the family to the house of God direct them in by the FRONT door not thru the BACK door near the GARBAGE. What I mean by that is all churches have problems and people who are not always Christ like.

What are the topics of conversation around the dinner table in your home? Do you cut up and tear people apart to expose the garbage that is going on behind the scenes? Gory details of the sins of weak saints  should never be brought to the ears of children. Nor should the difference of opinions between you and the leadership of the church. That is ushering your children in thru the back door passing by the GARBAGE. It is hard to focus on the goodness of God with the aroma and visions of garbage in their heart. (1 Peter 3:2 ..."Behold your  chaste conversation coupled with fear.")

Coming thru the FRONT door is keeping a positive perspective of life in general. No matter if it is raining or if the sun is shining, God is still good and looking out for his people. ( Psalm 100:1-5 "Serve the Lord with gladness.")  Spiritually speaking,  If you walk with a spring in your step or if you drag your feet, your babies will mimic what they see you doing. If you want your children to read the Bible, introduce them to it's treasures. If you want your children to pray, have them kneel beside you and mention their name in prayer. If you want your children to be financially blessed, let them see you drop in those tithe envelopes. If you want your children to always tell the truth, never cheat or steal, don't you  ever lie, cheat or steal. In other words ... Be all you want your children to be. Do this by endeavoring to be all you can be for Jesus. You don't have to be a perfect parent but you definitely must be a PRAYING parent. Also play an active part in their spiritual journey with the one true God. (Deuteronomy 6:1-25 "...V7 teach them diligently to thy children...")

Now go with God and show your babies how to enjoy the journey. Take them thru the FRONT door of life.


Rose Soto

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