If you have a desire to write, help is available! 


For several years, I have been blessed to have Sis. Bethany Sledge edit my books. She not only edits for The Pentecostal Publishing House, but she edits for independent authors who choose to self publish. More recently, Brother Sledge has been designing book covers. They were both a blessing to me in the publication of Burn Your Bridges and Dance Within Their Flames...


I have asked Sis. Sledge to share her contact information. Although they are currently AIM workers in Berlin, Germany, due to the availability of technology, they are able to help people all over the world, get their books and materials in print. 


From Bethany Sledge:

We often find as much joy and benefit in telling our experiences as we did in living or imagining them. However, for others to enjoy reading our stories, our writing must engage the readers and not hold such distractions as misplaced punctuation or confusing sentence structure. Everyone, even an editor, needs an editor! I have worked as a proofreader, editor, and page designer for more than twenty years and have assisted many first-time authors. I have had the privilege of working with my friend, Joanne Putnam, on several of her books.
     In addition, my husband is a cover designer and creator who has produced high-quality covers for a number of authors, including Joanne Putnam’s Burn Your Bridges and Dance Within Their Flames. Our fees are competitive, and turnaround time is rapid.
     Bethany and/or Carl Sledge can be contacted at: cnbsledge@gmail.com

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