Life Mapping


My Story—My Life Map


You are your story. Your life contains plots, characters, and themes. You will be surprised as you begin to write down the major happenings in your life, how many memories will come to your mind!


This is your first assignment:


This exercise is an opportunity for you to become more conscious of your story and create a map of personal changes and transitions that you have experienced so far. Becoming more conscious of your story can help you become, more clearly, the author of your future.


Instructions: Utilize blank paper and markers to draw a timeline (or continuum) that reflects the story of your life beginning with your years in elementary school to the age you are now. In thinking about your past, please think about the basic happenings of your life story that made the most impact on who you are today. 


Reflect your accomplishments, happiest moments, personal peaks from elementary school to present. What did not go well and where did you hit a “valley”? Include activities that you have been involved with that have impacted your life.


Be sure to put an approximate date on each time marker so you can recount your story. 


Example :

This the Life Map I initially wrote-


Lesson 1


Life Mapping- Major events in my life


-Living with my grandparents

-My father giving me a Sweet Sue walking bride doll the last time I saw him

-My mother remarrying and moving six blocks away from my grandparents

-My step-dad adopting us

-Meeting my husband-to-be

-Being like a Mom to my siblings

-Leaving home, two days before Christmas, my senior year of high school

-The miracle of God’s provision begins

-High school Graduation

-Making a viable connection with my real dad’s family

-Moving to Goodyear Heights

-I finally got my license and a vehicle

-Attending  university

-My search for peace

-Finding the answer to my search

-Plans and dreams fulfilled

-Our first child

-The phone call that gave me closure

-The joy of teaching

-Moving to Indianapolis- 

-Moving to Ludwigsburg, West Germany

-John and Jo on the Go!


This is a resource that might help you to visualize the assignment in a more concrete way: