Wonderful memory joggers are old pictures, scrapbooks, letters, programs or boxes of "junk." You might be amazed at how memory-provoking they are. Going through old mementos and photos can really help you get your memory juices flowing.


     Old papers usually photocopy well, and you should consider including them in your story. Something you think is insignificant or silly might be fascinating to future generations. So go ahead and include a copy of an old report card, a ration book, or a certificate of achievement. Include old deeds, marriage licenses, citizenship papers, confirmation certificates, baptismal certificates, newspaper articles, school records or any other official papers that might be of interest.


     Photographs often photocopy reasonably well and will also add to your story. Include pictures of ancestors, baby pictures, childhood pictures, high school graduation pictures, wedding pictures, pictures of your children. Always identify people in the pictures, including first and last names, approximate dates, where the picture was taken and any other relevant information that might apply.